Using the player

Streaming Video on Demand

Log in to Video On Demand, click on the course, and click “play” beside the lecture.

Sample Video On Demand Page with the word "play" beside a lecture highlighted

The lecture will open in a player inside the page.  You can click on “open in a new window,” double click to view it full screen, or just watch it in the player.

If your internet connection is a little weak or busy, you can click on the “tools” icon and choose a lower quality. It will use less bandwidth.

If you like to watch the lecture at a slower or faster speed, you can click on the tools icon and choose a different playback rate.

Downloading the lecture

To download, choose “HD” for high definition or “SD” for standard definition. HD is higher quality but a much bigger file, so choose SD if you are low on space or if your internet connection is spotty.

Volume Control

There is a volume control on the player window at the bottom left of the screen. Make sure it is set to the right level for you. There will also be a volume control on your device (computer, tablet, laptop) and possibly on your headphones or speaker, so check all of these sources if your volume is too low or too high.

image of Kim Hellemans giving lecture in video player with volume control highlighted

Live Stream/Web Channel

When you are watching the live stream or the web channel, the lecture is cached. That means you can go back in the lecture to re-watch something you have missed. When you click on the “live” button, you will return to the real-time point of the lecture. Note that the amount of time that is cached will vary and is not guaranteed.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have clicked on the video to play it and your cursor is still positioned on the player screen, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Spacebar: Pause/Play video playback
  • Enter: Pause/Play video playback
  • M: Mute/Unmute video volume
  • Up Arrow/Down Arrow: Increase and decrease volume by 10%
  • Right Arrow/Left Arrow: Seek forward or backward by 5 seconds
  • F: Enter or exit full screen